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The Songshan Kung-Fu Executive HQ founding father is Si-Jo Dr John Souglides Ph.D. offering Advanced Systems and Solutions. Priding ourselves on integrity, values, ethics, morals, honor, respect and life. Since the 80's Si-Jo Dr John Souglides Ph.D. has been pioneering advancement in Body-Mind-Spirit Development with decades of proven results and positive outcomes teaching advanced and self mastery.

 Si-Jo Dr John Souglides Ph.D. a national, international and world champion, certified judge, referee and coach who has created and developed national, international and world champions since the 80's.


In 1997 Si-Jo. received the title of Si-Jo by international masters and professors for his knowledge, wisdom, teaching skill of the arts and the systems he created. In the same year he received an international award as master instructor of the year and another in 2009.


Si-Jo's drive to achieve the best results from his students has been proven time and time again.  This insures that the highest levels are maintained at all times. Authentic traditional martial arts, ancient knowledge, metaphysics, skills and wisdom are taught and practiced under the guidance of Si-Jo.


The art and systems taught at the Songshan Kung-fu Executive Academy HQ and all branches is a complete system rooted in self development and self mastery, the path of completing the circle.


We offer professional proven training methods offers you a unique opportunity to elevate and transpire beyond old barriers and limitations.

"Knowledge is a key, wisdom is superior.

Wisdom only comes from the higher heart ". Si-Jo 

In 2009 Si-Jo Dr John Souglides Ph.D. achieved his 5th  internationally accredited and recognised doctorate. He has four in metaphysics and one in martial arts.


  • Dr Msc - USA

  • Ph.D. Transpersonal Counselling - USA

  • Ph.D. Philosophy L.C. - USA

  • Ph.D. Parapsychology - USA

  • Ph.D. Martial Arts Science - I.U.H.M.A.E. - India


Studies – International Recognised Institutions :

  • PhD - Transpersonal Counselling - USA

  • PhD - Parapsychology - USA

  • PhD - Life Coaching - USA

  • PhD - Uni. Higher Martial Arts Education – India 

  • International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association - USA

  • Grade A - Chi-Kung


Hall of Fame :

  • 1997 - W.M.A.H.F Inc. - USA

  • 2009 - I.U.H.M.A.E. - India

"One should not concern themselves with how the process unfolds, the only concern one should have is in knowing that I am able to take them to victory. 


When the student is ready, has ethics, morals, values and integrity they are ready for me to take them on their unique journey. 


Only through this thinking and application truth unfolds and optimal greatness is achieved in all you do. The only failure in your life is to contemplate if you are worthy to reach your destination." - Si-Jo.

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